Rukovoditel Service

So, one of the popular belief among PHP programmers today is Laravel scaffolding is the fastest yet reliable framework to deliver a php applications for whatever your business requirement. They also said that Laravel provides such great flexibility if you take advantage of the community and its marketplace. I chose Rukovoditel instead.

Well, I am not convinced into that Laravel stuff. When on flexibility, I really love Rukovoditel framework which direct build upon MySQL engine. It lists its components in tables, so in term of designing application, the main thing you have to do is creating database schema and all other things basically just configurations. You don’t need even a super EDI tool to do that. You just log in as admin and do the whole things to deliver.

Definitely faster!

For me, Rukovoditel is a web-based rapid development database tool just like Microsoft Access. Although the developer stated it as a Project Management App Designer, I think we can build just about any kind of app on its platform. To date, I’ve been delivered 6 different types of app. From custom project management, fleet management model to custom business community database.

Despite its great functionality, there are only two main developers work on this platform. Sergey Kharchishin and his daughter Olga basically do every works related to Rukovoditel development. From adding main features, fixing bugs, creating manuals, to answering questions in user community forum.

Although anyone with no coding skill can use Rukovoditel, often some difficulties happen due to the “not so easy” to understand manual and only few samples of usages. Hence, I stepped in to offer Rukovoditel services to those who experience difficulties.

I have listed my Rukovoditel gig in Fiverr for any small Q & A. However, if you or anyone interested in more flexible communication and terms, you can initiate it using the contact form. I will also add this services to my Service Page.

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