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For so many reasons Fiverr exists. I was a regular buyer for traffic and web marketing services there for years, and yes the site is quite useful for instant needs. One advantage of using it as a buyer is the safety of the transaction. It means the risk of losing money while not getting the promised service is relative small.

For the same reason, starting November I have listed my services on Fiverr. Obviously my aim is to offer my services to overseas buyers there. Of course, I expect first time buyers will have more confidence dealing in intermediation.

Buyer’s Protection

About buyer’s protection, here’s I quote from a buyer’s testimony.

Also, a seller only gets paid once a buyer marks an order as complete. A buyer has three days to check the order and see if it is what they want. You also have the option of sending the order back for revision

Once you are satisfied with the order, you can then mark it as complete. It is only then that the money will be released to the seller, who will then have to wait another 14 days for the money to be cleared. It is really hard to get scammed at Fiverr.

Fiverr logo
Fiverr logo

Here is the link to my Fiverr page. My services are under “web programming” category and I use Thinkelel as my nickname.

If you ever hesitate to process your order directly to me, you can always use the Fiverr. Just don’t be surprise if you find the service rates would be slightly higher there. 😎

Honestly, I don’t expect that much from the site, but it definitely will give more experiences in dealing with overseas buyers. Have you ever use Fiverr before? Were you buying or selling? Please share your experience in the comment… Thank you!

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