Banda Technology

A story prior to Banda Technology services.

Since the Corona Virus outbroke the norm early this year, all reservations to our place were cancelled. The uncertainty on when we can get back to normal state is very high, thus makes tourism business is practically dead indefinitely. 

Still we need to pay the internet that conected us. I then decided to get back full time on my previous profession as an IT professional. Good news for us, we still have the internet that enables us to do things remotely. 

Banda services:

  • System Development (mobile/web app development / system integration)
  • Premium Hosting

Benefit of using Banda Technology services

  • Full stack developer in both Linux and Windows environment.
  • I am familiar with how things works with most major service providers end to end ← this enable quality delivery yet reasonable price.
  • I manage teams.
  • We rather work to deliver than to do marketing.
  • Delivered services worldwide at no time (fast connection).

I have more than 20 years experience in IT business. I had delivered my works to wide range of individuals or organizations, including some Fortune 500 companies.

Note: Please communicate your requirement better for better result.