System Development

We acknowledge every businesses are unique. Some generic businesses easily find solutions in the market provided by tech-giants like Google, Amazon, SalesForce, Microsoft and others. Some require more special approach to their uniqueness, so we exist to deliver any system development as business solution.

Application/System Development

We Do

  • Mobile App
  • Web App
  • Desktop App
Banda Mobile Application

Think data, process and output. Because all things are data, when they are properly managed and served in relevant business function, they can be a real leverage to your business.

We develop mobile, web and desktop applications.

Be it small work to fit your existing machine or the whole new system, whether you are redesigning new process of old business or you a fresh startup idea, we love to deliver system development to you.

You can prepare your informational processes and your key datas, define your business challenges and desired output, then let’s discuss what kind of system should answer.

Or… don’t prepare anything, just share what your business is all about and then talk to us!

System Integration

Today’s market conditions are characterised by informed customers, the transient nature of technology, and the changing market dynamics. Without powerful applications and integrated systems of enterprise modules and communication channels, companies may find that they cannot cope with potential market opportunities. Thus considering the different functions from product design to delivery, companies must invest in effective and yet efficient enterprise system integration service.

  • Integrate new hardware and software technologies that built and use different frameworks.
  • Make the software part communicate with the hardware components
  • Evolve the IT infrastructure to improve productivity

We make machines talk to each other

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Wide variety of system connectors are available to simplify any kind of system integration. Whether it’s Google Map with your WordPress site or your SOHO app with payment gateway like Paypal, all can be confusing and cause you headache to configure.

Those somehow still require technical knowledge to implement and some are not quite affordable for SMEs too. So for that concern, we always included budget-value consideration in our services.