The Potential of Catchy SEO Domain

So, I bought a new domain, that is

Just like any other {you think) a good investment, I am so excited about it. Albeit I haven’t got a solid idea on how this domain will bring me good business yet, I have kinda grow some faith on it.

The next thing came up was to rent any subdomain of it for whatever purpose which I think would be an SEO boost. Basically you just need to pump your imagination out to get it in your head… I was thinking about place/territory based subdomain like, activity based subdomain like or just any stuff like

Imagine that your subdomain is an authority of something you are so passionate about. Imagine that subdomain in your business card. Imagine that your email address will convince people to believe that you are the one everybody is looking up to.

Currently I’m setting up a wordpress site for a random facts. You can check the facts website and leave me message there as well. You can also leave me any suggestion there.

Try to let your imagination run wild. What if I created or Or maybe playing around a bit with celebrities like or maybe will bring me more fortune?


Here are another subdomain (wild) ideas:

  • (can we collaborate with Elon Musk?)
  • (he didn’t kill himself)
  • (this would be fat!)
  • (just let them know that Jesus born in March)
  • (maybe someone would like to write history of jazz)
  • (who do you think should hold this subdomain?)
  • (I think I will keep this for myself 😜)

What do you think? You’ll be the judge..
Or perhaps Google would…

All these ideas, won’t be a thing if Google doesn’t crawl this website though. Hehehe.

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