cPanel/WHM Managed Hosting

While I confirm that cPanel really gives great help to those unfamiliar with server management, still it also leaves so many default configurations that don’t meet our requirements. So many error message to be familiarised and so many fixes should be learnt.

Unfortunately, some of those fixes will only be done efficiently via terminal. This adds another headache to those who don’t command lines. So, this definitely an opportunity for me.

Some of which I think these issues below are common..

  • OS & cPanel installation – configuration
  • Domain & DNS Management to ensure your websites and emails never work perfectly.
  • Proper SSL installation will increase your website trust and always be indexed by top search engines.
  • Proper Mail & Anti Spam Configuration
  • Software Update Management
  • Firewall configuration
  • Database management
  • Dependencies
  • etc.

Currently I manage 3 cPanel servers of three companies for their operation.

Whether you need a good hosting for your website or you want all of your company’s IT operations served by a dedicated server, you can enjoy my “cPanel Managed Hosting” service.

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